Lindengate Chosen Logo
The branding applied to the site entrance in Wendover, Buckinghamshire.
The brief for the Charity logo was very much verbal as the charity was still very much in its infant stages so funding and charitable status had yet to be granted. I was tasked with creating an identity to out forward as a proposal to raise funds and get trustees on-board. 
The client wanted the 'Linden' tree to feature in the logo as it represents therapeutic healing. Their strapline was "Health and Wellbeing through Nature and Horticulture" which they also wanted featured in the logo. As this was quite wordy, they envisaged an arch of some kind using the strapline to represent the people walking into their garden. 
The Brief I was given is shown below:
My initial concepts for the Logo:
Brand Guidelines which were presented to the board of Trustees
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